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As early as the release of "World of Warcraft: Classic", the goal was clear: to make "World of Warcraft: Classic" as similar to the original "vanilla" World of Warcraft as possible. Cheap wow classic gold
In most cases, Blizzard does a good job in this regard and cannot (and should not) discard it. Even if they give the modern version of "World of Warcraft" a lightening effect to help alienate the society, such as the double XP and double prestige lightening effects, they also avoid giving them "classic" effects.
Of course, this is because there are no such gains in vanilla, so applying them may seriously threaten to leave all the classic feelings and challenges behind. Blizzard seems to have put accuracy and loyalty to Vanilla above Classic.
Unfortunately, this means that the same problems suffered by vanilla are back to the original. We have discussed it many times, and one of the most pressing issues on the client side is the absolutely crazy queue time to enter some more populated servers.
Sometimes, depending on the realm and time of day, logging in to a role will put you in a queue that may last for hours. From there, all you can do is wait. Once you enter the church, you only need to pray to each god to think that you will not be isolated from the world, and you must start waiting again.
To solve this problem, Blizzard implemented layering, which essentially puts wow classic gold players in different stages from each other – on separate layers. However, Vanilla does not have a layering function, it can also be an easy-to-use system, and can be easily developed so that you sometimes do not see all other players running in the same area.
After deleting and re-implementing the system, Blizzard finally managed to delete it again! Blizzard announced that it will disable all layered features in the US in Classic.
Blizzard wrote: "In the past few weeks, we have continuously observed and analyzed the population of the field, so we have seen enough recent trends that can justify the return to the expected population distribution in each field." "With At the same time, we have unlocked all areas locked for creating new characters. "
After making this change, the number of layers in all layered areas shrinks from two layers to one layer. In addition, all paid character transfer restrictions will remain, which means this fix has not been removed.
Blizzard plans to continue to suspend the transfer of paid characters as an effective "expedient measure" to prevent players from moving to certain areas and overpopulating them. Given that the layering has been eliminated (at least for US servers), it is hoped that these restrictions will be lifted soon.
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