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17 new realms are now available on one single layer! Is yours already in the list?The Blizzard Community Manager, Kaivax, recently posted a message regarding the Realms Layering for Classic.We continue to closely monitor player populations and realm performance, and we expect to move the remaining layered realms to their final state soon.Free Character Moves continue to be available from many of cheapest wow classic gold the highest-populated realms, and as before, we suggest that anyone considering using that service do so as soon as possible.
It's a difficult thing to have enough Gold in WOW Classic. Many players don't have enough Gold, their level is already high, but their equipment is still primary, because there is no money, and Boss in Dungeons. It is not so easy to deal with.How to get WOW Classic Gold quickly is always a concern for players. In the article about making money series, we not only tell you how to get Gold quickly, but more importantly, share a way to make money and keep using it.
So let's first take a look at what is the most valuable of WOW Classic. Master the following five items, which will allow you to quickly get WOW Classic Gold, buy better equipment, and arm your teeth!With Blizzard putting WOW Classic on the agenda, the early 60-level version was the largest version of WOW, and it is the most played and variable version to date.
From the Burning Crusade to the Wrath of the Lich King, to the Cataclysm, the Pandaren, the Draenor, and the Legion, each version spans only a maximum of ten levels. The number of new Dungeons and maps is limited to a controlled range.
In the WOW Classic, there are vast Kalimdor continents and war-torn EasternKingdoms, there are countless times that have been touched and difficult to reproduce.
I don't know how many people still remember that there is a vocabulary in WOW called "Thousands of Golden Horses". Here is a explanation for those friends who entered the game late. Players start from level 1 and will be exposed to the skills of riding for the first time. It takes 100 gold coins to get a primary ride and the movement speed is increased by 60%. In the era when the task was to run for half an hour, this was a qualitative leap! At that time, there were very few gold coins, so for most players, there are very few people who can learn to ride at level 40. Some people even barely get 100 gold coins when they reach 50+.
When the player level reaches 60, you can get expert-level riding. The total cost of the coin is close to 1000G, which is astronomical. So at that time, players who can ride on the 100% increase in the speed of the ride are recognized as the rich, and everyone has racked their brains to make money. Although making money is really very difficult, some players are also very smart, and have found a set of efficient ways to make money. Today we will share with you how to save money through Dungeons.
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