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WoW Classic Warrior Leveling Guide
Nothing is more gratifying in gaming than leveling up. After hours of gameplay, getting to the next level is a thrill for many players. When a player reaches the next level, it allows for better gear and the ability to buy wow classic gold and combat tougher enemies as a warrior class in World of Warcraft Classic, which means a lot of hacking and slashing to achieve your goal.
The warrior class is the hardest class to level up within WOW Classic. The class has a low mobility, low sustain and is dependent on gear to survive. Yet, the appeal of the difficulty to level up this class is a major draw for many players who like a challenge.How can a warrior class player effectively level up in WOW Classic? What follows is a comprehensive guide to leveling up in WOW Classic for warriors.
Farming is Not Only for Crops
The grind of farming can be tedious but rewarding. Finding a spot that spawns plenty of easy-to-kill, low-level enemies to farm can be an excellent way to level up. Sometimes the best strategy is to target enemies that are 1 to 2 levels below the player’s current level. This allows for easy leveling up.
Leveling on the Go
The distance between quests can sometimes be difficult. Once you reach level 40 and have enough gold, buy a mount to reduce travel time. Traveling takes up a great deal of time in the game. As the player is traveling, they may encounter lower-level opponents. This can be a great way to level up on the go.
Find a Friend
Leveling up with a partner has many advantages. It halves the workload and also benefits both people with experience points. There is also the added bonus of making a new friend in the process. While it may be tempting to band together with a large group, it is not recommended. A large group means fewer points to go around, which will slow down the player in leveling up.Teaming up with a magic user in WOW Classic has some great advantages. They can provide food and healing for the warrior. In exchange, the warrior can use their combat skills to help their friend.
QuestingThe most obvious choice to level up is by taking warrior quests. Quests pose their own set of challenges as they are not shown on the map in WOW Classic. Some quests may prove difficult if the player does not have the right level or abilities. Also, there is no set leveling reward, but questing is one of the more fun parts of WOW Classic. The best questing areas are dependent on the character’s affiliation. Some areas are only available for Horde or Alliance players. WOW Classic also has several neutral quests that any play may take part in.
Find a Job
Having a warrior character can be helpful for various professions in the game. Practicing these professions can also aid in leveling up and using more useful gear. Mining and Blacksmithing can allow a warrior to create gear that can help them in leveling up.
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