Music - Theatre - Dance Classes

Top Skill Development Center in Doha, Qatar - Prism

Top Skill Development Center in Doha, Qatar - Prism

Discover Excellence with Prism Music and Arts in Doha, Qatar

Art classes in Qatar

Music Lounge is a training center dedicated to inspire your creative minds. We find the potential in you, nourish them and lend you the wings to fly high beyond any boundaries.

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Find out more about the class types we offer, from dance fitness to Ballet beginner classes for adults. Enrol now and start your BalletBody journey today.

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The Yoga Mandala

The Yoga Mandala

We are a fun & hip teacher training academy that specializes in teacher trainer courses. We offer intermediate to advanced classes. Call us today!

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- I am a female (British) piano tutor - experienced in beginners level, with young children (great with kids!) - I am flexible - available through the weekdays and weekends

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Piano lessons at your home

Piano lessons at your home

Private piano teacher with master degree and great experience is available.Preparing students for the ABRSM,Trinity exams.Or learn how to play your favorite tune for joy!

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