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On-Demand Car Rental Software Development
Car rental software development helps to track every car which has been deployed in your business venture. The Car rental software development controls and overviews every rented vehicle.
With the help of car rental software development, you can not only list car rentals on your website, which enables you to manage your rentals and accounts at the same time and can also be developed in a customized way according to your business needs.
Trawex is the most effective online car rental software designed for all sizes of vehicle rental companies. The data is stored on a secure cloud server that can be accessed worldwide using a simple internet connection.
High-End Car Rental Software Development Company
Trawex is a leading car rental software development company that offers personalized car rental booking software to clients all over the world. The car rental reservations system is a full-service solution that includes a car rental website, booking engine, end-user and smartphone applications, and a fleet management module.
At Trawex, we have a team of professional designers and developers who have years of experience in creating car rental solutions for start-ups and multinational organizations. Trawex's car rental software assists you to handle on-demand car booking services.
Develop your car rental business with this vibrant software available for Web, Android, and IOS. Trawex's software supports you to manage all the operations through an integrated system and helps you to manage Driver’s App and Customer’s App.
Managing the car rental business can be daunting and strenuous but with our smart car rental software solutions, you can make it hassle-free and organized. Trawex understands that every company has specific requirements and needs. Hence, we offer custom services for different businesses, working on every project from scratch.

Our skilled and experienced developers add new and advanced features to your car rental platform to help you take care of everything from car tracking to booking and more. This will ensure enhanced customer engagement and experience, making drive convenient whether in the city or outdoor destinations.
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Our Market-Ready Car Rental Software Development Services
Car Rental Booking
At Trawex, we have a team of professional developers that have integrated feature-rich car rental booking solutions with multiple scheduling models, payment modes, calendars, and so on. We have also developed business intelligence solutions that can easily operate on multiple platforms and screens.
Contract Services
We ensure to integrate secure contract Management Services in our on-demand car rental services that can be easily accessed by the customers as well as the services providers to execute legal agreements and annexes. Our developers create car rental solutions that are reliable for vehicle processing, and the customers can easily book car rental services from the software.

Rate Car Rental Solution
Our on-demand car rental app ensures that our customers get flexible car rental services with instant configuring of quotes. Our solutions are integrated with multiple features such as distance of the trip, credit of renters, etc. To offer some extra convenience to our users, we have also deployed rate-altering algorithms for easy management of multiple split rates.
Car Rental App Development for all Types of Needs
The car rental software development services offered by Trawex are developed by expert professionals that have hands-on experience in offering an industry-driven solution to users. Our application is regularly updated to offer high-functioning car rental services to users.
Corporate Car Rentals
Build your rental business by offering rental services to your corporate clients who frequently require car rental services.
Key Benefits of Our Custom Car Rental App Development
Own business page
Yes, the business owner can design his or her own business page to list cars and all the required information
Add Products/Services
The owners can list new services or products on their car rental systems to promote their business
Review column
The owners can receive reviews from their customers about their car rental services.
We verify the information, on behalf of the business owners before it is posted for the customers

Features of Car Rental App Development

 Customer App
Simple Login: Customers can register with their phone or email or use social login.
Multiple Car Types: Offer multiple car and package types to your customers to choose from.
Schedule Booking: Customers can make a car booking in advance and stay updated.
Book Now: Customers can hire a car for rent for an immediate need.
Manage Bookings: Dedicated tab to manage all the upcoming bookings in one place.
 Driver App
Secure Login: Drivers can log in with the credentials received by them from the admin.
Receive Requests: Drivers can make new ride requests on their app and either accept or reject them.
Trip Information: Necessary details for drivers to make pickup and drops easier.
Accept Payments: Collect cash payments when required and make the trip as paid.
Driver Dashboard: Details on earnings, upcoming trips, feedback, and more for drivers.
Rate Customer: To maintain two-way feedback, loop drivers can also rate their rides.
Log Expenses: Drivers can add toll, on-duty expenses, and more to get reimbursement.
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