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To expand our presence, network, services and support worldwide on our education, shopping and social networking apps among students, we are looking for Student Ambassadors (from every educational institute) all over the world.

As a Student Ambassador, you will be responsible for promoting and marketing mobile applications launched by our company on different social media platforms, personal and professional networks and harness new users into our mobile apps such as GuyHub, Soulmate, City Jinn, Taahaa, Homeland, Aainaa, BritStar, Laaiba, OTE - Online Training & Education etc.

You will be expected to:
• Be engaging with full dedication and represent your educational institute by positive, friendly, professional and true manner
• Protect Lam Aid as well as its subsidiaries/agents/officers from all sorts of misrepresentations, troubles, claims and danger
• Have full knowledge and efficient to demonstrate all the apps, its related web portals and features, make fellow students understand the benefits of using mobile apps and web portals developed by Lam Aid such as GuyHub, BritStar, OTE, CityJinn, Soul Mate etc
• Work closely with the administration of Lam Aid, extend all cooperation, share ideas, innovations, views, stories, trends, observations, jobs, news, local listing and promote talents and writers Contribute and provide suggestions on any addition, deletion, amendments of Features and contents on apps and web portals time to time for management review and approval
• Represent Lam Aid in a timely manner, promote and market massively the products, services of Lam Aid through your personal, professional, student and social networks
• Make fellow students to understand the benefit of becoming student ambassadors and benefits of promoting the mobile and web apps developed by Lam aid.
• Make students understand that by becoming student Ambassador on GuyHub, SoulMate you will be responsible for adding more connections to its social network and do all the needful and promote GuyHub and other apps
• Make aware regarding the benefits of using Online Training and Education (OTE) app as it will assist students to enroll themselves under Vocational, ICT, Trade, Professional and Kids courses around the globe.

Benefits: By joining our team, you will be rewarded with monetary benefits (certain percentages of profits, generated from your signup users) so that you can earn unlimited regular income for promoting and marketing our services.

Profile Description
You must be a regular student of any educational institute.
Your Age must be between 18 - 35 years.
You must have good Communication, Presentation, Interpersonal and leadership skills and capable to lead and manage events, charities, cultural activities, campaigns, competitions etc.
You have to Download all our completed apps mentioned above, run and audit them properly and rank them on feature wise and advise, which are the apps, which you think you would be able to promote in your Institute and the local city.
You have to send your detailed Student Profile on along with your ranking report on all our apps for this part time job.

Females are highly encouraged to apply

Company Profile
Lam Aid Ltd (, a BRITISH origin multinational corporation. We are specialized in Hybrid Mobile Applications.

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