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Classic WOW has several character classes to choose from. Depending on the player’s preferred playing style, there are a variety of wow classic gold choices. Each class comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The following guide will present some pointers on the best classes to play Classic WOW.
The Way of the Warrior
WoW Classic AddonsThe warrior is the go-to fighter character in Classic WOW. If tanking is the player’s goal the warrior is the way to go. The warrior is more mobile than other fighter classes which is important in a mob fight.
The Priestly Path
Priests are the best healers in Classic WOW. While paladins and druids do have healing abilities, priests are the best at the job. During raids their healing ability is important, and when paired with a protection warrior they are unstoppable.
For Single Target spells, go with a Mage
While vulnerable to attacks from large groups, mages are perfect for single targets. If part of a larger group a mage can lay on the fire for single opponents. Mages can also slow down groups of enemies or generate needed food during raids. Mages are some of the best spell casters in the game.
For Greatest Damage choose a Warlock
Warlocks have some of the best AoE spells in Classic WOW. Affliction is one of the best spells in the game when facing groups of enemies that need slowing down. Warlocks are able to create healthstones and soulstones. Both are useful in combat as they help to regain health and resurrect fallen comrades.Warlocks can also summon party members to their location with two other players. Warlocks can also banish demons and elementals which is useful in a crowd situation.
Stealthy Rogues
For players that enjoy the classic sneak attack, there is the rogue. While rogues are great for stealth attacks and moving in crowds, they are vulnerable to mage and ranged attacks. The rogue works best in a group where they can move through a crowd to deal out their damage. Rogues are also useful for lockpicking if they train to do so.
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