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[Pune University] | [Pune, Maharashtra, India] [Bachelor] | [14 January 2017] [BCA Computer Application]
IT, Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, and minor in Management.
Coursework included Software Development, Software Development Life Cycle ,Software Testing , Web Development .

[Programming Expertise]
HTML5 CSS JavaScript jQuery nodeJs Express
Bootstrap and responsive web apps
Android Studio Fundamentals
PHP MySQL SQL server
java programming core and advance web development

[IT Skills]
Front-End and Back-End web Development.
Front-End and Back-End Software Development.
HTML5 Good Practices.
Android Development and WebView.
Software Engineering.
Effective Software Testing and excessive test scenarios.
Excellent knowledge of SQL server and MySQL server databases.
Microsoft Office proficiency.
Swift printing on keyboard with 100% eyes on paper of English and Arabic entries.
Motivated by cutting edge technologies.
Organized Multitasking and flexible mindset.
Ready to learn and comfortable with dynamic environment and new requirements .
Solid Understanding of OOP skills( Inheritance , Scope, Abstraction, etc...).
Ability to Understand and Modify the Code in most of Development stages.
Ability to work in team and individually.

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