Urgent Need for Female Dermatologist


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Degree in Medicine
License in Dermatology holding QCHP License

Work Experience:
 Previous experience in similar role, ideally in a health & wellness resort
 Experience in assessing and evaluating guests’ health conditions, run diagnostics and create treatments
 Skin Facial Analysis, Niranlada consultations, non-invasive treatments, minor-invasive treatments and body contouring.

 Dermatology
 Skin disorders and diseases
 Health Assessments
 Diagnostics
 Sense of connection and belonging
 Communication
 Consultation
 Interpersonal savvy
 Teamwork and collaboration
 Organization and time management
Technical Skills:
 Customer care
 Attention to detail
 Problem solver
 Analytical mind
 Diagnosis
 Thoroughness


 Maintain effective communication within the department, develop and maintain effective relationships with colleagues and guests.
 Collaborate with all wellness practitioners to ensure optimal health results for all guests.
 Stay up to date with latest dermatological developments, treatments and medication.
 Maintain high level of professionalism and with exceptional level of confidentiality and integrity.
 Promote a friendly, dynamic and collaborative work environment that includes, open communication, teamwork, participation, trust, respect, professionalism and fun.
 Have a complete understanding of own role, responsibilities and company expectations.
 Adhere to the company’s policies and procedures, employee guidelines and service standards.
 Educate resort employees on the health programs and treatments available at the resort.
 Deliver and participate in meetings as required, facilitate seminars and training to internal and external guests.
 Work towards exceeding company’s business targets.
 Participate in staff events and committees within the resort.
 Attend educational seminars and trainings.
 Take a positive and resourceful approach to every project.
 Carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned

 Perform aesthetic services such as Skin Facial Analysis by using the information from VISIA machine and Niranlada Consultation for body contouring treatments.
 Perform medical services, in the absence of Anti-Aging doctor, medical and colonic hydrotherapy consultation
 Perform aesthetic treatment, including non-invasive treatments, minor-invasive treatments and body contouring treatments.
 Carry out appropriate health assessment techniques to evaluate the guests’ health condition, review guests’ history and discuss health concerns.
 Run diagnostic tests and interpret the results to determine the health of the guests.
 Describe treatment plans or medication to address the guests’ health condition. Determine the course of the treatment such as type of medication, duration of treatment and follow up visits.
 Make decision and refer patient to the hospital for further treatment
 Constantly check that the guests feel comfortable with the particular treatment plans administered.
 Provide guests with knowledge of different types of available treatments, suggest appropriate treatments for individual guest’s health conditions and adjust them as required.
 Educate guests on preventive prevention of skin diseases, identifying risk factors, genetic causes, and environmental concerns.
 Ensure the treatment rooms are well set up, and appropriate equipment is available and in good working conditions.
 Ensure treatment rooms are cleaned after each treatment and ready to welcome a new guest.
 Continuously challenge the operations and procedures and provide suggestions for improvement to the Health & Wellness Director.
 Promote Health & Wellness services to the guests.
 Communicate to management any occurrences involving staff or guests in the department that require particular attention.
 Follow through the daily check lists and have a clear understanding of own tasks.
 Handle guests’ queries and complaints in a prompt and professional manner to ensure 100% guest satisfaction.
 Ensure guests’ records and history are maintained and up to date with all necessary information.
 Adhere to hygiene standards and health and safety regulations.

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