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Since the release of Kebos Lowlands, the OSRS Konar’ s Drop Table has drawn quite a lot of discussion. With the reference of runescape 07 gold player feedback, OSRS team has declared some adjustments in the table, which includes a new Mystic Robes, removal of Saradomin brews, etc.. Let’s have a look at the changes.
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According to the official declaration, the following contents are effected by this week’s adjustments.
1.The top, bottom, gloves, boots and hat piece of a new Mystic set (dust) are added as new drops.
2.The 2,500 Saradomin brews of high value was removed from the table soon after release.
3.A random amount of Coins from 52,000–150,000 was added.
4.To even the value of the drops, Rune platebody and other alchables Rune armours with a stable value were added in the table.
5.Seeds like Dragonfruit tree seed took the place of high value herb drops.
6.Raw shark drop was replaced by fish drop.
Effects of tweaks in Konar’ s Drop Table balancing and future adjustments
The recent tweaks in Konar’ s Drop Tablehas have made the average value of its drops drop by 30%. The number of its drops, especially drops of high value, has also been reduced. In the further adjustments next week, the OSRS team has said, there is a possibility that Konar’ s equipment may be added as new drops from Konar’s Drop table. And more new drops will be added according to the feedback of players.
No matter how good a game is, there’s no denying the fact that accessibility plays a huge role. RuneScape did well in this area as well: it can be played on any computer (and since the release of OSRS Mobile it can be played basically anywhere) and it also has a free-to-play option. These two factors worked shoulder to shoulder to muster up one of the biggest player bases. Free-to-play option especially. First, it’s always good to test the waters before diving in deeper.
Many people are reluctant to try out a new game just because they’ll feel like they’ve wasted money if they didn’t like it in the end. Second, RuneScape’s free-to-play version is a head taller than probably any other version of f2p. Usually, when playing a game as f2p you’re basically playing a demo version of it. And most these demo versions end so quickly, you don’t even feel like you’ve played at all. Or in some cases leveling cap is so low you also don’t get the feel of the game. RuneScape, however, does not limit you to how much time you can spend playing it, be it couple of weeks, months or years.
You are limited in your choices, yes, but you the level cap seems to be fair and there’s no time limit. None. Especially good for those underaged peeps whose parents don’t appreciate the benefits of video games. These are the reasons why you shouldn’t assume that no one but bots are online in f2p worlds. In addition to that, once you choose to pay, there’s also no combination of “buy game + 1 month of game time”, which sometimes can also deter people from taking up the game, since this is usually costly and risky commitment if a game fails to entertain you. You buy membership one month, you don’t another. That simple.What’s your opinion on new OSRS Mystic Robes and other contents? Try the new Konar’s Drop Table with cheap OSRS gold from us, and don’t hesitate to offer your feedback and advice to help the table improve.
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