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A slayer boss that can be encountered in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. The alchemical Hydra is a 95 level NPC and can be fought after being assigned by a hydra slayer task. To get to the boss, a player must head north past the Tasakaal, and then switch east when they come across the hydras. Heading east, you’ll eventually come across the entrance to the lair by Orrvor quo Maten. Although you can also use the mysterious pipe just behind Kaal-Ket-Jor to easily get there, it requires an agility level of 88 to pass through.
When each phase does start, the hydra will auto-attack you three times before using a special attack.
The first phase starts with a green carapace, and the hydra should be lured to the red chemical pool. After the first kill, the player can run and stand right next to the pool to wait for the first phase hydra to be spawned and easily lure it in. After the first three attacks, The Alchemical Hydra will launch 4 or 5 poison blobs around the player's location; 1 on the player, and 4 randomly around it.
After the Hydra reaches 75% in the green phase, the bottom-right head will fall off and it will change its carapace to blue. Now, the player as to run north to the green chemical pool to lure it in. In this phase, the hydra launches electric balls in the centre of the room, which then turns into currents in the four corners of the area. If you end up getting hit by the lighting current, you’ll be stunned and will deal with 20 damage. The easiest way to avoid this is by standing in the middle of the room until it shoots its lighting and then making your way out of the box they form. It is possible to trap the lightning by standing in the north-west corner, moving one tile diagonally south-east when the lightning is two tiles away from you, and instantly moving one tile north.
When the hydra reaches 50% of its health, the bottom-left head will fall off and it will change its carapace to red. The player will then have to lure the hydra to the blue chemical pool. In this phase, the hydra will walk to the centre of the room and face towards the direction of the player. This will result in the player being stunned, but at the same time, they can also attack the hydra. When it is in the centre, it will breathe out 5x5 layer of fire towards the players' sides based on where they’re standing. The tracking fire follows the players' movement, and it is recommended that you turn your runoff and walk around in the area to avoid getting damage. The hydra doesn’t attack until four seconds after the tracking fire is sent out, so you have a good amount of time there to move and get into position.
For the final form, once the hydra reaches 25% of its health and the middle head falls off. It changes its carapace to grey and does not require any counter, so you don’t have to lure it into any of the chemical pools. Now, a message will appear ‘The Alchemical Hydra Becomes Enraged!’ and increases its stack to a maximum, which is capable of killing a player in about two hits.
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