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The Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) program is for professionals who have demonstrated the skills to successfully implement improved purchasing and supply chain practices as part of a business solution in an organization.

Benefits of CPP & CPPM Certification
Certification is crucial towards becoming a world-class purchasing professional. Today’s employers refuse to reward employees for yesterday’s skills.

They demand that purchasing professionals should use most modern skills and achieve unprecedented results. They want purchasing professionals to save more money, achieve better operational performance, and reduce risk.

The CPP and CPPM are impressive purchasing certifications that validate your stand as a successful professional. It is just what you need to bring the most modern purchasing practices into your organization and achieve your career potential.

Professionalism ‐ Certification indicates a high level of professionalism to both coworkers and customers, increasing one’s value in the marketplace.

Leadership ‐ Certification signifies an employee as dedicated to continuous improvement of himself/herself.

Recognition ‐ only a small fraction of professionals ever achieve certification, indicating that they are a leading professional in the purchasing and supply chain profession.

Knowledge ‐ Certification will improve one’s understanding of the most current processes and trends in the purchasing and supply chain profession

Ethical Behavior ‐ Individuals who become certified must subscribe to a rigorous code of ethics appropriate to the purchasing profession.

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