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At present, most of the WoW Classic players have reached level 60, and the Molten Core raid is the content that attracts them most. However, the player can only defeat the lord once a week, so how should the remaining time be spent? PvP combat is one of their options, so from time to time we can see rogues hiding at the entrance of cheap wow classic gold raid to sneak attack on the cloth armies of those teams. Of course, this farce is not what players really expect. Don't worry, PvP enthusiasts, the latest patch of WoW Classic has introduced more fun PvP elements to the game, such as the new PvP battlefield. At the same time, the development team also added Elemental Invasion events for PvE fans.
First let's look at two new battlegrounds. During the recent 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft, modern WoW also opened the Alterac Valley Battleground for a limited time and provided generous rewards for active players. Alterac Valley is a true old-school PvP battleground, providing players with a large-scale battle environment and a variety of interesting missions.
To join the Alterac Valley battlefield queue, your character needs to be at least level 51, and then talk to the battlefield officer in the main city to join the queue. Or you can head to Alterac Valley in person and wait to join the battlefield.
You and your team need to work together to complete the PvE and PvP goals to win. You need to occupy key locations, such as mines, sentry towers, cemeteries, etc. These can help you advance on the map and help you complete the main goal-destroy the generals of the enemy camp: Alliance's Vandal Thunder Spear Tribe of Draketar. Destroying enemy sentry towers and destroying the elite who protect the generals will make this task easier for you and your team.
On the other hand, Warsong Gulch has enabled the Capture the Flag mode and supports 10v10 combat. Players need to bravely fight against players from rival factions and capture their flags. The team that first wins three flags will win and receive a lot of honors. To join the battlefield, your character needs to be at least level 10, and then talk to the battlefield officer in the main city to join the queue. If you want to take an adventure, you can also head to the battlefield entrance of the Northern Barrens (Horde) or Ashenvale (Alliance).
The system will match players in the queue within a close range, specifically: 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and then level 60.
Elemental Invasion is a world event where players can defeat enemies and gain unique blue gear every 3 days, which can greatly enhance your character. Whenever an elemental intrusion begins, a large number of elemental monsters are generated around the activity site, and each element also produces an element leader. When the leader appears, players around the world can see the message in the game interface. Defeat the elemental leader, you have the opportunity to drop the exclusive blue quality equipment and element cards.
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