Following these forklift precautions




There are several reasons why one should train a forklift operator properly.
You are given many choices when buying a new forklift for your business. You will find many brands that with the right care and maintenance will last for many years. One important choice you will have is the fuel source. The most popular forklifts are propane and electric. You should completely understand all the benefits of both before making a decision. Cost is also an important factor in your decision as well. You will need a forklift that will meet all the needs of your daily production and that will fit into your budget. A propane forklift has a lower up front cost than an electric, and they also have a lower life cycle cost. Maintenance for propane forklifts are usually cheaper than electric. It is also known that the engine in a propane forklift will last twice as long as those on an electric forklift, which will save you money over the life of the equipment on replacement parts.

Always check the overhead clearance when lifting a load. Be certain there are no sprinklers, pipes, or lights overhead that could be damaged by the rising load.

Avoid tilting the forks forward unless you are dropping off or picking up a load, as this could cause the forklift to tip over and fall forward.

When driving, avoid tilting the forks forward. Not only will this make the load unstable, but it could cause the forklift itself to become unstable and tip forward to fall over.

Always raise the load 4 or so inches from the stack beneath it to ensure that it clears the distance. If the forklift doesn't clear the distance, it could pull the lower load off the stack as you drive out.
Make sure the mast is returned to the vertical position before you begin to lower the load.

Keep the load between 6 and 8 inches from the floor as you lower it.

Following these forklift precautions and safety measures is the best way to ensure that you are safe as you operate the forklift. Safety with forklifts is not something to be scoffed at, as the forklift carries heavy loads that need to be handled with care.

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