Using small dehumidifiers in your home




Common risk factors for ectopic pregnancy include tubal damage, smoking, and altered motility in the fallopian tube. Bad smoking habits in the new generation women is a risk factor in about one third of ectopic pregnancies and may contribute to decreased tubal motility by damage to the ciliated cells in the fallopian tubes. Altered tubal motility can also occur as the result of oral contraceptive. Progesterone only oral contraceptive and progesterone intrauterine devices have been associated with increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy can be diagnosed by typical triad which includes bleeding and abdominal pain and a positive pregnancy test result. The clinical presentation can therefore be confusing, since symptoms overlap with miscarriage. One third of women have no clinical signs and 9% have no symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. As a result, almost half of cases are not diagnosed at the first prenatal visit by their gynecologists.

On physical examination signs include lower abdominal tenderness with or without rebound and pelvic tenderness usually much worse on the affected side. Gynaecologists can find abdominal rigidity, involuntary guarding, and severe tenderness as well as evidence of hypovolemic shock with tachycardia, should alert the clinician to a surgical emergency; this may occur in up to 20% of cases. On per vaginal examination, the uterus may be slightly enlarged and soft, and uterine or cervical motion tenderness may suggest peritoneal inflammation.
Air conditioning units
Air conditioners are very similar to dehumidifiers and often act as dehumidifiers themselves. This is because they dispense of accumulated water gathered as they cool the air. Window-mounted units for example either drain the water out of the window in a drip, or else evaporate the interior humidity out of doors. A specialist dehumidifier may not be necessary of a traditional air conditioner unit is available.

Using small dehumidifiers in your home may be the perfect solution for you. They don't take up very much space, they are cost effective, portable, lightweight, and they control the amount of humidity in your home so you can be comfortable. This is a very good option if you are renting the home or apartment because you won't have to ask permission to make holes in the walls or install it though the air ducts like you do with standard size home dehumidifiers.

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