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32 Gang Relay Module Smart Remote Control Switch Controller for water farming agriculture

  • 32 Gang Relay Module Smart Remote Control Switch Controller for water farming agriculture




Fire resistance ABS、metal shell
Working Voltage
DC 12V
Working Temp
-20℃ ~70℃
Working Humidity
20%RH ~ 80%RH
Output Load
each 250V/10A
Communication Mode
Ethernet and WIFI 、RS232
Input Port qty
6 Ports
Output Port qty
32 Ports

A. Before Sale Service
Q1. How many applications can the device KC868-H32 control?
Answer: 32 ways applications

Q2. How many inputs are there in the device KC868-H32?
Answer: 6-way input

Q3. How many inputs are there in the device KC868-H32?
Answer: You can add 2pcs kc868-h32 in app. Then you can control 64 relays. Also if you add 3pcs of kc868-h32, then you can control
96 relays.and so on. All controllers will be add in one app account , not need to change app account to login and control device.

Q4.what is the maximum load per channel for the device kc868-h32?
Answer: 250V/5A each channel

Q5.What if the load power is greater than the rated power?
Answer: if it is overloaded, the external high power AC relay can be connected to crease the total load power

Q6.What type of equipment can be connected to the input of the kc868-h32 control box?
Answer: the equipments with switching value signal output

Q7.What is the size of the kc868-h32 control box? What are the fixed installation methods?
Answer: 272x117x40mm; to fix by hanging on the rail directly or to fix by screw

Q8.What is the interfaces the kc868-h32 control box supports?
Answer: support RS232 and Ethernet interface

Q9. Is there the version of Wi-Fi?
Answer: Yes. It’s the KC868-H32W.

Q10. What are the network control methods for KC868-H32 control boxes?
Answer: Mobile phone APP remote control, PC local or remote control
Local Control: PC software; Control by yourself(use controller communication protocol)

Remote Control: PC software;Mobile APP; Control by yourself(Mode A: http www web command Mode B:coding by yourself according your
app account to login)

Q11.What kind of software and user manuals can be provided?
Answer: Network configuration tool, Demo software, Or Instructions and Secondary development protocol etc. For more details, pls
visit to download

Q12. When there is no internet, how to remote control the device KC868-H32?
Answer: under local network, using the PC to achieve local remote control; or using the wireless internet router to provide wired
network or Wi-Fi signals to achieve controlling.

Q13. Where the mobile phone APP software can be easily downloaded from?
Answer: For IOS, log in to Apple app store, searches 【Kincony smart home】 to download; for Android, log in Google app store,
searches【Kincony smart home】 to download or visit the official website to scan the QR for downloading

B. Development By Yourself
Q1. Is it supporting the users to write their own programs to control the device?
Answer: Yes, supporting. And the related program example is avialble.

Q2. Is it supporting to control the device through a browser?
Answer: Yes, supporting. And one relevant case can be provided.

Q3. What are the ways to remote control the device when the users program themselves?
Answer: the PC software, the browser for controlling.

Q4. Is it provided the source code of the secondary development package example?
Answer: Yes, providing the detail information.

C. After sale service
Q1. Where to download the relevant information after purchasing?

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