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Welcome to our guide in First Aid in WoW Classic! First Aid is one of three secondary occupations, with Fishing and Cooking alone. In addition to two primary occupations, which include professions such as herbalism and alchemy, being a secondary occupation means that it can be learned. As in other professions, the max level in First Aid is 300. Cheapest wow classic gold
First Aid requires players to use bandages to craft and heal themselves, and to craft anti-venom to prevent poison damage. Such objects can also be used on other players and on certain NPCs as well. Bandages can be made out of cloth which falls from most humanoids, with higher quality cloth resulting in more effective bandages.
First Aid should be one of the earliest professions you pick up, because it is very useful to have self-healing given while progressing, particularly if you are playing a class that does not heal. Anti-venom consumables can be produced from venom sacs dropping from venomous monsters (Large Venom Sac, Massive Venom Sac, etc.) such as scorpids, spiders, and most insecticidal creatures.
In this guide, WOWclassicgp will go through First Aid in WoW Classic, such as its benefits, usages, trainer locations, recipe locations, and suggested methods to get to 300.
Benefits of First Aid
There’s plenty of benefits to First Aid. First aid helps to minimise downtime between fights, as bandages can restore post-combat health quickly. First Aid can also aid classes with healing spells, as using a bandage can help to preserve mana. Hunter and Warlock players can also apply bandages, respectively, to their pets and demons. Players can use bandages in PvP encounters to regain their health while in battle or triage other injured players who do not actively suffer damage. First Aid helps to maintain mana and casts for healers in dungeons, raids and PvP environments, as bandages allow players to heal themselves and each other while not taking any damage. Characters below level 35 can increase their First Aid ability to 225 to use Heavy Runecloth Bandage, provided the bandages are created by another character. This is particularly important for players who build twink characters within this range of levels. As they will have access to much more effective bandages, this can also help with levelling alt characters. Learning and levelling of all secondary professions is strongly recommended for all players (and considered mandatory for raiding and PvP), as they provide additional utility and alternate gold-earning methods.
Healing with Bandages
Bandages can be applied only once every 60 seconds to the same player / NPC, because bandages add the Recently Bandaged debuff, which is similar to the Weakened Soul. If the player applying the bandage or the player / NPC being bandaged causes damage, the healing effect is cancelled and the Recently Bandaged debuff is still applied. The player applying the bandage must not move, or it will cancel the channelling effect. Furthermore, as long as they stay within range the player / NPC being bandaged is free to pass. Bandages have a 15-yard radius when used on other players / NPCs.
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