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I have excellent experiences of teaching Physics and Science (Phy) in various education setting such as School, custody and currently within the Further Education. I am fully qualified as Teacher/Lecturer with PGCE both in Secondary and Post sixteen. My success is 80% within special education and main stream. As Expert teacher with Edexcel/Pearson, I have excellent knowledge of exam body requirements and able to adapt it within my teaching and resources to maximise the success rate. I have strong experience in working with students with Dyslexic, Autism, ADHD and student with behavioural and emotional challenges, supporting them to improve their behaviour and be a good asset for their community. I have good experience in teaching Physics, Math, Science. Skills in coaching and use differentiation to respond to students needs and support them academically using my empathy to help them managing and improving their behaviour. I have excellent experience in developing resources, Monitoring, planning sessions and delivering learning that address keys criteria of exam bodies such Edexcel, International Baccalaureate BTEC and well equip to deliver IGCSE ,GCSE AS and A levels

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