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In Old School Runescape players may face enemies with fire-based abilities. This can make them difficult to defeat. Players can therefore find themselves on the receiving end of a lot of runescape 3 gold damage to players during these encounters. Luckily there is a solution in Super Antifire Potion. This potion requires Herblore skills of 92 and can add protection against fire-based enemies. It is an upgrade from the basic antifire potion.
Creating Super Antifire Potion
OSRS Super Antifire PotionPlayers can learn to create Super Antifire Potion in OSRS from Primula. She is the owner of the Myths Guild Herbalist. She has several recipes, one of which is the Super Antifire Potion. After speaking with the player she will offer to teach them the formula.
You can access the Myth’s Guild only after completing the Dragon Slayer Quest. The guild is located in the Feldip Hills area. Primula and the Myths Guild Herbalist can be found on the second floor of the guild.You can create it by adding crushed superior dragon bone to an antifire potion. You’ll need a level 69 Herbalist skill to make a basic antifire potion. You can create the basic potion by mixing lantadyme with dragon scale dust in a vial of water.
Players can also increase the strength of Super Antifire Potion by creating Extended Antifire Potion. This potion requires a level 98 Herbalist skill and adding lava scale shards to the potion.
The Potion’s Effects
The Super Antifire Potion grants the player temporary immunity to dragon fire in OSRS. The player will have complete immunity for three minutes. After this the player can be exposed to the effects of dragon’s fire, so this potion should be used wisely.It should be noted that the Super Antifire Potion will not work against certain enemies. Galvek, the final boss of the Dragon Slayer II Quest is immune to the potion and his attacks will still damage to players in their battle. As Galvek is a very difficult enemy to defeat, it is a good idea to learn other strategies to defeat him and save the potion for another enemy.
Galvek is not the only dragon that the Super Antifire Potion will not be effective against. King Black Dragon is one of the strongest dragons in OSRS. A three-headed dragon, his attack combines three different types of dragon’s breath. His breath deals poisonous/shocking/freezing damage and is immune to the potion as a result. Players should not go into this encounter without the anti-dragon shield, or the King Black Dragon will make short work of them.
This will give partial protection against Vorkath. Vorkath is found during the Dragon Slayer II Quest. While he is weaker than the King Black Dragon, he should not be taken lightly. Like Galvek and the King Black Dragon, anti-dragon shields are a must against him.While it is not the most effective potion against boss dragon enemies, the potion is effective against lesser dragons. While it may not be effective in a boss fight, it will save the players precious HP for when they face the tougher enemies.
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