Experienced Canadian Tutor | French, Math, English, Science | all levels

  • Experienced Canadian Tutor | French, Math, English, Science | all levels




Hi everyone, I'm Marah
I'm an Electrical Engineering graduate, located in al Gharrafa, offering private tutoring services for students of all levels (Elementary/High school/College/University) covering all concepts within the topics of:
French Language: grammar, writing, speech and reading
English Language: grammar, writing, speech and reading
Science (Chemistry and Physics)

I also do courses in English and French communication, and provide homework help to students during the school year!

Elementary/Highschool 350 QAR per hour
University 450 QAR per hour

Lesson Locations:
At the Qatar National Library (for all) or at my home address (kids and women only, there will be no men present)

Contact via Whatsapp at: 70411533

More about me:

My name is Marah. I’m a 23 year old student with an Electrical Engineering degree from McGill University based in Montréal Québec. I’m trilingual, perfectly fluent in English, French, and Arabic. I hold education in a very high regard and I am very passionate about teaching others and seeing students make progress and put effort into their studies.

I have been tutoring for 10 years professionally. I tutor students of all ages, from elementary school to high school and university! Every student that I have tutored has given me nothing but positive feedback.

I work with children just as well as I do with adults. I am extremely good with children, and have tutored many under the age of 12! I am capable of putting things into the child’s perspective, thus simplifying matters to a level that works for them. This, all while instilling into them that education is both exciting and rewarding!

I also have experience with older students. In fact, I landed my first tutoring job at John Abbott College (in Montréal) while I was a student there at the time. My teachers had requested that I tutor Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology to other students in the science department. I was later recommended and hired by the well known Canadian college, where I tutored for two years, daily.

I explain things extremely well and very clearly. I am also very patient with students, fully aware that some topics take longer to digest than others! Advantageously, I have different explanation methods for the same topic, ensuring that if it is not understood in one way, it will be understood in another! My years as a science and engineering student have also taught me practically every tip and trick in the books to achieving high grades! Study tips, memorization tips, tips related to reading long texts and tricks related to solving almost any type of math problem!

I am familiar with private and public school curriculums in Doha and will make sure that my students succeed this school year.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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