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Malaysia is a developing country located strategically in the South East Asia, which naturally makes the country a rich blend of culture and nature. Coupled with its long history, the nation has somewhat shaped to adapt a moderate lifestyle even as enthusiastically developing its economy. This ambience reflects well on its tertiary education landscape.

In Malaysia, tertiary education has always been prioritised by the government. It is deemed as a vital platform to develop a student into an agent of development, which in turn will contribute to the cause of progress and symbiotic harmony. Hence, batches of students were sent overseas to gain experience. On top of that, policies back home have also been improved to improvise learning experience in local campuses as well as broadening scope of expertise in the country. Today, several Malaysian universities are ranked top in the world.

Gradually, dedicated offices were set abroad under the purview of the Ministry of Higher Education, mainly to facilitate Malaysian students studying overseas and to promote educational partnership. In the United Arab Emirates, such office was established in 2003 in Dubai. It covers the regions of West Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and some countries in the Indian Ocean. Nowadays, the office is known as Education Malaysia.

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