Tiger Tails in NZ

  • Tiger Tails in NZ
  • Tiger Tails in NZ
  • Tiger Tails in NZ




Tiger Tails applications

The Tiger Tails are highly robust, and visible cable covers, which provide the visual warning to people that are working close to live overhead powerlines. They don't reduce the safe approach distances and allow you to work much closer to the power lines. The purpose is to provide temporary electrical insulation or mechanical protection. They are also used in a lot of non-electrical apps, including:

Fence markers

Boat oar protectors

Overhead telecommunication lines

Aerial visual covers

The tiger tails are generally black and yellow sheaths that are installed on the low voltage conductors (over 1,000 volts) that will improve the visual awareness of the overhead powerlines – and they don't provide the insulation and reduce danger zone. Cost to install or remove the covers on the bay of the low voltage mains straight adjacent to the worksite that is based on the following requirements:

Minimum of week's notice

Four wires getting covered

Administrative costs

Traffic management

Mobilization of equipment and crew

Allow one month of notice from the receipt of monies that are paid to schedule in the works program. You may extend the period of the Tiger Tail supply via email.

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