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It's absolutely a thrilling news for all RS3 fans that new pets which are all focused on areas. However, according to the information RS3gold knows, player's votes will help decide which content they'll be bundled with. You can check the details her. In addition, runescape 3 gold hot sale on RS3gold safe and conveniently!
Here are the different polls you can choose. If you want that pet, then don't forget to vote for it!
Area Pet
While you are skilling or participating in combat within a given area you will have the chance to unlock an "area pet". Gaining the area pet will count towards Jack of Blades-style achievements, but you can try to gain all of the accessories, should you fancy it.
Challenge Pet
When you complete a challenge, there will be a random chance of gaining a challenge pet. Since this limits the player to one chance a day, there will also be other ways that a player could gain the pet.
Clue Scroll Pet
Whenever you complete a Clue Scroll step, there will be a chance of gaining the Clue Scroll pet. This chance will increase based on the difficulty of the clue that you are doing. Ideally, this pet would be dyeable.
Distraction & Diversion Pet
While you are participating in one of the many Distractions and Diversions, you will have a chance of gaining the D&D pet. This will vary different per D&D.
Event and Weekends Pet
Whenever you participate in a temporary piece of content, you will have a chance of unlocking this pet. "Temporary piece of content" encompasses Double XP Weekends, time-limited events, seasonal events, Winter Weekends, The Beach, Mental Health Awareness Week and more. The pet will not be available outside of these events.
Moneymaking Pet
Whenever you gain gold from an in-game combat or skilling activity, you will have a chance of unlocking this pet. This would not include player trades, alching or selling on the GE.
Minigame Pet
Very much like the D&D pet, while you are participating in one of the many minigames, you will have a chance of gaining the minigame pet. The chances of gaining the pet will be different per minigame. Gaining any minigame pet will "count" in terms of Jack of Blades-style achievements, but the hardcore collectors among you can try to accrue all the accessories.
Player-Owned Farm Pet
Very simply, this would be gained randomly whenever you participate in a Player-Owned Farm or Ranch Out of Time activity that gives XP.
Player-Owned Ports Pet
On the completion of any voyage, you would have a chance of gaining the Player-Owned Ports Pet, with a lower drop rate for failed voyages.
Season Pet
Similar to the area pet, this would be a pet gained when doing actions over a seasonal period, like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. These actions would be limited to anything that could also gain you a Skilling, Combat, Activity or Boss Pet. You would not be able to gain this pet outside of the holiday seasons. This would be a single pet that changes according to the season. You would not need to gain the pet at Christmas to unlock the Christmas variant: it would change automatically.
Wilderness and PvP Pet
We need to explore this pet a little further, but we imagine that there would be a chance of gaining it while performing certain actions in the Wilderness. There would be a good chance of gaining the pet from any PvM combat or skilling activity, and this chance would likely be multiplied according to the depth of the Wilderness that you are in.
Unlike the other pets on this list, which are gained randomly, the Pet-of-Pets would be unlocked automatically if you ever gain all of the Boss, Skill, Activity and Combat Pets at once. You wouldn't have to maintain this one: it would be with you forever once unlocked.
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